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Maggie Valley offers a wide variety of places to stay, for a night, a week or longer. The valley floor offers hotels, motels, and inns from locally operated to well known national chains. Throughout the valley and up into the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains you’ll find homes, cabins and villas for rent. A stay in Maggie Valley can recharge your spirit and give you a new perspective on the world.
Off the beaten path you’ll find nature waiting to fill your senses with the sounds of rushing water, birds chirping, and the whisper of the wind through the trees. The valley’s elevation (from 3200 feet at the floor to over
5000 feet on the higher peaks) offers four distinct seasons and a cool summer break from the normal high temps in the cities of the southeast. Normal daytime highs in the higher elevations rarely reach 80 degrees even in the dog days of summer.
For those who like to rough it (not so rough in an RV), Maggie Valley has plenty of campgrounds and RV resorts to choose from with easy access in and around the Valley.

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