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                                  Waterfalls continue to be the most asked
for feature of Maggie Valley.
There are some spectacular water features that are a close drive from the valley. Though you won’t find any near the Valley floor, you wont have to go far. Here are some of our favorites:
SOCO FALLS - Soco Falls is located just past the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to Cherokee. There is a small sign that indicates the parking area on the left of the road. The trail is short but steep that leads to an observation platform overlooking the unique double falls.
MINGO FALLS - Mingo Falls is on the Cherokee Indian Reservation (Qualla Boundary), just outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. No special permits are required for access to the reservation. At 120 feet tall, the waterfall is one of the tallest and most spectacular in the southern Appalachians.
SAFETY - As with any water feature, the trails, rocks and surrounding areas are often wet and slippery. Use caution whenever hiking around water.
 GRAVEYARD FIELDS WATERFALLS - Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway heading north, the hiking area includes two beautiful waterfalls, the multi-tiered second falls and the tall cascades of the upper falls. The trails meander through valley that was once used for grazing cattle around the turn of the last century. The hikes are moderate.
Mingo Falls,
Graveyard Fields Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway

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